Great concept but…

Take a cafetiere and put inside a teapot. Great. Controls the brew perfectly.


Worst pouring teapot I have ever used


I hurt

Every muscle aches, especially the glutes on my left hip. Cramps in my left calf. 103 km in 4 hours 46 minutes.

On the descent from Chequers to Butlers Cross I set a new personal record for cadence at 159.

Hundreds of cyclists out on the roads today, some cyclosportif going on around the Chilterns

Moved into a new flat this weekend (not my decision, done at the behest of my landlords) and spent today doing the same thing I always have to do when I am moved into a new shared flat.

Clean the f*#@ing cooker.

What is it with people? Do they have to spend so much time on good hygiene at work that when they get home they forget about it? How can anyone leave a cooker looking like that?

Also did a washing and hung it outside. Well, the rotary clothes drier was so thick with cobwebs that it cannot have seen much use in the past. I may not last long in this flat before I have to look somewhere else

Buckinghamshire is enveloped by the smell of charred lamb.

Out for a good long cycle ride today, and not too bad a pace either. 71km in 3hrs 15 mins. Okay, not blindingly fast, but for me it was a good pace. Road were very quiet with a combination of people being away for the bank holiday weekend, and people taking advantage of a warm day after a miserable spell of weather to get the braai fired up.

Out past Chequers and on to Marsh and Stone, before turning south to Risborough and Wycombe. Then up through Hughenden to the Hampden Crossroads and back via Missenden to home. Very warm, and drank almost the full Camelbak.

… and back again

First case today was to do a hearing test on a three-week-old baby. Second case of the day was fitting hearing aids to a one-hundred-and-two-year old woman. Third case was starting the hearing aid fitting process for a six week old baby. One of the things I love about this job is the variety of people I see

So, Mr Farage accuses a group of Scots of being fascists.

Coming from the xenophobic (to put it kindly) leader of the BNP-Lite, that’s a bit rich.

Okay, there’s always been a bit of an “anyone but England” when supporting sports, but racism has never been a problem in Scotland. The Scots have been too busy kicking the crap out of each other on sectarian grounds to worry about anything like race.

Farage is a nasty little man whose ideas are revolting. A disgusting excuse for a human being. The people of Edinburgh were right to treat him as they did.

Absolutely spot on

So, we did get complimentary food today which was good.

Quality wasn’t great though, as it came with a salt overdose.

They did go and get me a complimentary G&T though which was…

Well, it was Beefeater with generic tonic so not great taste, though it did at least have some ethanol

Got the upgrade to First Class on the return journey. Certainly less cramped than outward in standard, but otherwise not sure whether it’s still worth the extra. We’ve just had the bacon sarnies brought around, and a cup of coffee but at first glance that looks like the sum total of the extras. Last time around the service was still being run by GNER, and we had coffee on demand, and a meal included at lunchtime. Now that it’s under the management of the government, these extras appear to have gone.

Fortunately the free WiFi remains. The civility of of the staff does not. Okay they’re not actively rude or anything, just rather surly and uncommunicative.

Aberdeen has entered the race to be the UK City of Culture in 2013, according to the ever reliable P&J. Funny, I thought Derry/Londonderry has been the City of Culture since Jan 1st, and would remain so for the rest of the year.

Okay, typical P&J journalistic accuracy and they actually mean they’ve applied to be City of Culture 2017.





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