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I hurt

Every muscle aches, especially the glutes on my left hip. Cramps in my left calf. 103 km in 4 hours 46 minutes.

On the descent from Chequers to Butlers Cross I set a new personal record for cadence at 159.

Hundreds of cyclists out on the roads today, some cyclosportif going on around the Chilterns


Moved into a new flat this weekend (not my decision, done at the behest of my landlords) and spent today doing the same thing I always have to do when I am moved into a new shared flat.

Clean the f*#@ing cooker.

What is it with people? Do they have to spend so much time on good hygiene at work that when they get home they forget about it? How can anyone leave a cooker looking like that?

Also did a washing and hung it outside. Well, the rotary clothes drier was so thick with cobwebs that it cannot have seen much use in the past. I may not last long in this flat before I have to look somewhere else

Buckinghamshire is enveloped by the smell of charred lamb.

Out for a good long cycle ride today, and not too bad a pace either. 71km in 3hrs 15 mins. Okay, not blindingly fast, but for me it was a good pace. Road were very quiet with a combination of people being away for the bank holiday weekend, and people taking advantage of a warm day after a miserable spell of weather to get the braai fired up.

Out past Chequers and on to Marsh and Stone, before turning south to Risborough and Wycombe. Then up through Hughenden to the Hampden Crossroads and back via Missenden to home. Very warm, and drank almost the full Camelbak.

Glorious day today, temperatures in the low 20s. Only down side was a strong wind from the south and east.

South towards Gerrard’s Cross and Beaconsfield and on down to the Thames at Taplow. Followed the Thames and stopped at Boulter’s Lock to have lunch. Continued following the river to Bourne End Then up through Wooburn to Wycombe. Up along the Risborough road to Bradenham then up through the woods to Naphill. On to Lacey Green and then back by way of Hampden and Missenden.

Went out of my way to do hills and managed to do all without stopping. Finally getting over the winter break. 78km at a poor 18.9km/hr, but given the hills and the headwind it’s probably okay.

Nice to be warm again

Maybe, just maybe, we might be through the cold spell. Out walking around the south of the area yesterday and felt like I was wearing too many layers. Really warm in the sun, and not too much wind.

Out on the bike today. Only the second ride of the year and still taking it easy. Planned a quick run to Wendover and back, but still felt good at the end so added on a loop down to Gerrard’s Cross and Beaconsfield. In all that was just over 70km. Again quite warm – relatively speaking, compared to the bitter, icy weather of the last four weeks. Bit of wind out of the south today so a bit chilly in parts.

Lots of cyclists out on the road today – charity bike ride for a local hospice taking place around the area.

I was mistaken

Reports of the arrival of Spring may have been somewhat premature.

It’s f*$#ing freezing out there!

For various reasons I’ve had zero bike time over the winter. Partly that was down to work pressures, part was the terrible weather, but mostly down to an overwhelming lethargy that struck.

Time off work this week, and woke yesterday to glorious weather (though I had slept late and missed a chunk of the day). Warm sun from a cloudless sky. Made sandwiches, packed the saddlebag, and out for a short tour, over towards Aylesbury.

All day the roads were mobbed by cyclists, everyone out on the first good day of the year to cast off the winter cobwebs

Headed first to the Hampden Crossroads above Chequers, then on to Loosley Row. Stopped for a spot of lunch and made the first change of plan. I have been spending all my time over the last few years around the northern part of the Chilterns, and out across the Aylesbury Vale. I may be moving back to the south of the area soon [long story], so decided to make a detour to the area where I used to do my mountain-biking. South then, to West Wycombe. From there I thought that I could take a quick trip to the Chiltern Scarp for a view out across the Oxfordshire Plain, so on through Stokenchurch to Christmas Common. Very hazy here, but could just about make out Didcott Power Station on the horizon.

Back through North End to Turville and Fingest. The road through Turville is one of those bits of Buckinghamshire that was very obviously once a Carriage Way running through deer park as it approached the Big House.

Took a wrong turn past Fingest. Should have headed to Frieth. but ended up on a sod of a climb up to Bolter End. On a geared bike it would have been fairly easy, but on the fixie it was a real struggle. From there it was back to West Wycombe, then through High Wycombe to Beaconsfield before turning north and heading home.

Just shy of 100km in a rather slow four and a half hours, but since it’s my first outing on the bike for four months I think an understandably leisurely ride

Light when I caught the bus this morning. Only just, for Rosy Fingered Dawn had not yet made an appearance when I set out for work; nonetheless it was light. The sky was bright. The months of not seeing the sun through the working week are over.

Spring is here, Ah spu-hring is here…

It snowed again last night. All of three inches laying this morning. Plenty of warning – the Met office told us Friday that it would snow Sunday night.

And yet the roads were untreated this morning. Are Bucks CC stockpiling Salt and Grit for some strange reason? Why are the so loath to put it on the roads?

Bus was 35 mins late, so ridiculously late getting in to the department. Carousel buses all went past the stop bang on time, but the always-unreliable Arriva were their incompetent selves

Completely unsurprised to see that my MP, Cheryl Gillan, joined the bigots in the “Nay” Lobby to vote against Marriage Equality. Unsurprised but still saddened. You’d think that in this day and age people – MPs especially – would understand the concept of equal rights for all.

No doubt those who went through the Nay Lobby would trot out the usual and stale argument – we can’t redefine marriage.


The church of England’s entire reason for being is to redefine marriage. The catholics defined marriage as a lifelong commitment. Henry VIII had a problem with that. He managed to get his first marriage annulled, but the pope wouldn’t do the same thing a second time. Hence the foundation of this new church specifically to redefine marriage as something that could be dissolved.

Marriage is not something specific to religions. All civilisations have had some means of making commitments between life-partners. And in the past (despite what the churches would have us believe) some of those partners have been same-sex couples. Gay marriage is nothing new. Just read your Greek and Roman History

Churches want to set the rules across the board. I’m sure they won’t be happy unless they have a theocracy. But whilst we have a democracy they should realise that they don’t set the rules for the whole population. Sure if someone agrees to be a member of a particular religious group then they should abide by the rules of that group. And sure, the priests can set the rules by which they expect their followers to live.

But they don’t get to order the rest of us around. They don’t get to make non-believers live by their rules.

I don’t believe in all that superstitious rubbish. I’m not going to follow your rules. You don’t get to order me around. You find some sort of hard evidence that I should follow a particular course of action and I’ll wilfully submit. But as long as you’re just trying to enforce some superstitious crap then you can piss off.

If religious types don’t like having gay marriage then they don’t have to marry someone of the same sex. I support equality for all so I want to see same sex marriage allowed. If two people of the same sex want to get married then I want them to be able to do so.

It’s about not tolerating the religious trying to rule the lives of the non-religious

It’s about equality.

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