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So, we did get complimentary food today which was good.

Quality wasn’t great though, as it came with a salt overdose.

They did go and get me a complimentary G&T though which was…

Well, it was Beefeater with generic tonic so not great taste, though it did at least have some ethanol


Got the upgrade to First Class on the return journey. Certainly less cramped than outward in standard, but otherwise not sure whether it’s still worth the extra. We’ve just had the bacon sarnies brought around, and a cup of coffee but at first glance that looks like the sum total of the extras. Last time around the service was still being run by GNER, and we had coffee on demand, and a meal included at lunchtime. Now that it’s under the management of the government, these extras appear to have gone.

Fortunately the free WiFi remains. The civility of of the staff does not. Okay they’re not actively rude or anything, just rather surly and uncommunicative.

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