Being a  blog about cycling in the Chiltern Hills. Predominantly on a fixed-wheel bike, often on a recumbent, occasionally on a road bike. I have a habit. Two habits. Bikes and books. Currently I have a reasonable selection of bikes; in order of favourite…

  • Fixie: Charge Plug, modified with drop bars, Brooks B17 Special saddle and Shimano A540 dual-sided pedals
  • Recumbent: HP Velotechnic StreetMachine GT, Short Wheelbase Under-seat-steering with a Streamer front fairing, Speedback rear fairing and Look Nevada pedals
  • Road Bike: Claud Butler San Remo with Lo-Pro bars, a fi’zi:k Arione saddle and Look A3.1 pedals
  • Mountain Bike: Saracen Sahara, modified in more ways than I can list
  • Folding Bike: Airnimal Chameleon Performance 105, stock
  • Touring Bike:Raleigh Record 10. Currently in pieces, awaiting full rebuild

If time permits, there may also be some Audiology and Science stuff as well