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Moved into a new flat this weekend (not my decision, done at the behest of my landlords) and spent today doing the same thing I always have to do when I am moved into a new shared flat.

Clean the f*#@ing cooker.

What is it with people? Do they have to spend so much time on good hygiene at work that when they get home they forget about it? How can anyone leave a cooker looking like that?

Also did a washing and hung it outside. Well, the rotary clothes drier was so thick with cobwebs that it cannot have seen much use in the past. I may not last long in this flat before I have to look somewhere else


Heading north to spend some time with the family. First time I’ve been back in four years. Temperature has dropped noticeably since leaving London. By the time we’d reached Edinburgh it had dropped 10°C. I’ve packed as for the south. And having become southern-softified, I may have to buy some jumpers to tide me over…

Promises to be an interesting week

Thatcher is dead.

Usually I am with Milton – ask not for whom the bell tolls … no man is an island … any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind.

However I’m the case of Thatcher I can shed no tears. She wrecked Scotland, she gutted British industry in the name of anti-union policy, wrecking mining and the car industry amongst others on the way. She started the gutting of the NHS, leading to the problems we are still dealing with today.

Whilst I would not rejoice in the death of another human, I cannot, will not, mourn her passing. She’ll have her state funeral no doubt. Many years ago I thought it would be an appalling mockery if she were to be given a state funeral, but now I realise that there are many who admire and revere her, many who even idolise or almost worship if not the woman, then the ideal. And I now suppose that there will be as many on the one side who would give her a state funeral as are of the view that we should dance on her grave

Edit: Milton? Did I really write “Milton”? Of course I meant Donne

I keep standing around waiting for the Arriva bus to turn up, with the consolation at least that the service cannot get any worse.

And yet…

It always does. No matter how crap the service gets, Arriva always find a way to turn the crap into the absolutely f#$@ing horrendous.

Bunch of total incompetents.

Light when I caught the bus this morning. Only just, for Rosy Fingered Dawn had not yet made an appearance when I set out for work; nonetheless it was light. The sky was bright. The months of not seeing the sun through the working week are over.

Spring is here, Ah spu-hring is here…

Under a convoluted set of circumstances, today I found myself taking the Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter.

First Point: I’ve never seen any of the Harry Potter Films

Second point: I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books. Okay not entirely true. Having seen all the hype I started reading the first HP book. I got about three or four pages in. Worst writing style ever. Really dreadful so gave up on it. Okay, I’ll take it on recommendation that the story is good, but I won’t see that for myself. If an author wants me to read their book then I’ll expect a certain level of narrative skill. J K Rowling may weave a good story, but she lacks the ability [IMHO] to narrate it fluently. I know, I know, sales / revenue says otherwise; I just found it painful to read.

Well, I think that I may now have to at least give the films a go. I won’t bother with the books, poor writing style is always a poor writing style. However what I saw today from the level of special effects and detail in the film sets, from a purely technical approach it looks utterly engrossing. I may not have been able to tie it in with the what is seen or read, but I can still appreciate production values. The studio model of Hogwart’s was particularly impressive.

So, I have a week off work. I shall borrow the DVDs from the HP fans who were behind the reason I ended up taking the tour today. I shall see whether it lives up to all the hype

We appear to be on the main flightpath between London and Silverstone. Constant stream of helicopters going over today.

And from the weather, they’re probably going to be the only ones who get there…

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