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Got home from work this evening to find yet another mailshot through the letterbox, this one being from what looks like a particularly bigoted and homophobic organisation, going by the name of coalition for marriage. The leaflet purports to explain ten reasons to oppose same-sex marriage. Or, as the leaflet put it, reasons why the government is wrong to re-define marriage. Reading it through it seems like the sort of complete bollocks that the Daily Fail would come out with.

The ten reasons they give are complete and utter crap, the usual reasons that have been trotted out time and time again. All the reasons have been thoroughly debunked. In fact more than ten reasons have been put forward and still they’ve been debunked, recently for example the New Humanist’s 31 reasons against gay marriage and why they’re all wrong. So I won’t contribute anything more other than to reiterate what a bunch of despicable homophobic scum coalition for marriage are.


I always forget to switch off the alarm at weekends, so instead of the Today Programme I wake to the farming news on Saturdays and the god-botherers news on Sundays. This morning there was a piece about Justin Welby, and his plans to go down the traditionalist path, in particular in his opposition to Marriage Equality. He has trotted out the tired old excuse of “always been between one man and one woman”. Tell that to the Athenians.

We don’t live in a Theocracy. The church does not rule the land. The church leaders are welcome to set rules and regulations for their own followers. If the followers and congregations choose of their own free will (such that we have free will…) then the accept the rules and regulations of that organisation. But as to the rest of us, they do not get to order us around, nor to tell us how we are to live our lives. The membership of the Anglican and Catholic churches is falling. Many more people in the UK are identifying themselves as religiously-unaffiliated. I do not believe in all their fairy tales and do not follow any of religion. Welby does not get to tell me that I have to live my life according to his doctrines.

In his opposition to Marriage Equality Welby shows himself to be just another bigot.

Now here’s a surprise.

The Archbishop of Westminster is just as much the ignorant bigot as St Andrews & Edinburgh. By displaying their own bigotry they give an example to their worshipers, who take this as license and reinforcement for their own bigotry. By their example O’Brien and Nichols are endorsing discrimination.

These twisted individuals who pass for leaders in the RCC would deny equality for all. That is truly evil.

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