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Under a convoluted set of circumstances, today I found myself taking the Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter.

First Point: I’ve never seen any of the Harry Potter Films

Second point: I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books. Okay not entirely true. Having seen all the hype I started reading the first HP book. I got about three or four pages in. Worst writing style ever. Really dreadful so gave up on it. Okay, I’ll take it on recommendation that the story is good, but I won’t see that for myself. If an author wants me to read their book then I’ll expect a certain level of narrative skill. J K Rowling may weave a good story, but she lacks the ability [IMHO] to narrate it fluently. I know, I know, sales / revenue says otherwise; I just found it painful to read.

Well, I think that I may now have to at least give the films a go. I won’t bother with the books, poor writing style is always a poor writing style. However what I saw today from the level of special effects and detail in the film sets, from a purely technical approach it looks utterly engrossing. I may not have been able to tie it in with the what is seen or read, but I can still appreciate production values. The studio model of Hogwart’s was particularly impressive.

So, I have a week off work. I shall borrow the DVDs from the HP fans who were behind the reason I ended up taking the tour today. I shall see whether it lives up to all the hype


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