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I’m with Voltaire. We shall never be free until the last monarch has been strangled with the entrails of the last priest.

The monarchy has this at least in common with the church: they are both medieval parasites feeding off the citizens. How have we come into the twenty-first century and still have a feudal head of state? Surely it is time that we had a true democracy with an elected head of state.

We are supposedly in a time of recession, and yet tens of millions of pounds are being spent over the course of this weekend to “celebrate” that a woman has been given hundreds of millions of pounds over the years for no reason other than that she comes from an inbred family. Throwing good money after bad. Appropriate that Sandringham is her favoured property. Normal for Norfolk, as they say.

Could be worse I suppose. We could have the scientifically-illiterate Idiot Son instead.

I look forward to the dissolution of the monarchy, the dissolution of the church, and the establishment of a secular republic, and a truly Great Britain


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