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Thatcher is dead.

Usually I am with Milton – ask not for whom the bell tolls … no man is an island … any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind.

However I’m the case of Thatcher I can shed no tears. She wrecked Scotland, she gutted British industry in the name of anti-union policy, wrecking mining and the car industry amongst others on the way. She started the gutting of the NHS, leading to the problems we are still dealing with today.

Whilst I would not rejoice in the death of another human, I cannot, will not, mourn her passing. She’ll have her state funeral no doubt. Many years ago I thought it would be an appalling mockery if she were to be given a state funeral, but now I realise that there are many who admire and revere her, many who even idolise or almost worship if not the woman, then the ideal. And I now suppose that there will be as many on the one side who would give her a state funeral as are of the view that we should dance on her grave

Edit: Milton? Did I really write “Milton”? Of course I meant Donne


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