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Completely unsurprised to see that my MP, Cheryl Gillan, joined the bigots in the “Nay” Lobby to vote against Marriage Equality. Unsurprised but still saddened. You’d think that in this day and age people – MPs especially – would understand the concept of equal rights for all.

No doubt those who went through the Nay Lobby would trot out the usual and stale argument – we can’t redefine marriage.


The church of England’s entire reason for being is to redefine marriage. The catholics defined marriage as a lifelong commitment. Henry VIII had a problem with that. He managed to get his first marriage annulled, but the pope wouldn’t do the same thing a second time. Hence the foundation of this new church specifically to redefine marriage as something that could be dissolved.

Marriage is not something specific to religions. All civilisations have had some means of making commitments between life-partners. And in the past (despite what the churches would have us believe) some of those partners have been same-sex couples. Gay marriage is nothing new. Just read your Greek and Roman History

Churches want to set the rules across the board. I’m sure they won’t be happy unless they have a theocracy. But whilst we have a democracy they should realise that they don’t set the rules for the whole population. Sure if someone agrees to be a member of a particular religious group then they should abide by the rules of that group. And sure, the priests can set the rules by which they expect their followers to live.

But they don’t get to order the rest of us around. They don’t get to make non-believers live by their rules.

I don’t believe in all that superstitious rubbish. I’m not going to follow your rules. You don’t get to order me around. You find some sort of hard evidence that I should follow a particular course of action and I’ll wilfully submit. But as long as you’re just trying to enforce some superstitious crap then you can piss off.

If religious types don’t like having gay marriage then they don’t have to marry someone of the same sex. I support equality for all so I want to see same sex marriage allowed. If two people of the same sex want to get married then I want them to be able to do so.

It’s about not tolerating the religious trying to rule the lives of the non-religious

It’s about equality.


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