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I keep standing around waiting for the Arriva bus to turn up, with the consolation at least that the service cannot get any worse.

And yet…

It always does. No matter how crap the service gets, Arriva always find a way to turn the crap into the absolutely f#$@ing horrendous.

Bunch of total incompetents.


It snowed again last night. All of three inches laying this morning. Plenty of warning – the Met office told us Friday that it would snow Sunday night.

And yet the roads were untreated this morning. Are Bucks CC stockpiling Salt and Grit for some strange reason? Why are the so loath to put it on the roads?

Bus was 35 mins late, so ridiculously late getting in to the department. Carousel buses all went past the stop bang on time, but the always-unreliable Arriva were their incompetent selves

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