Got home from London later than expected this evening. Didn’t want to have too much cooking, so rustled up a quick Lancashire Hot Pot.

Chopped some neck of lamb into cubes and fried off in a little oil. Chopped some onions and added them. Now this will probably annoy the Lancastrians – added some diced carrots and turnip, which I believe are not strictly traditional. Diced some black pudding, cored and quartered a couple of lamb’s kidneys and added these. Finally added a few sprigs of thyme, stripped. Topped up with a little beef stock (didn’t have any lamb stock) and simmered gently for about five minutes. Then into a pie dish and topped with a couple of potatoes, sliced – put through the new mandolin on the 6mm setting.

I am seriously pleased with that mandolin, one of the best bits of kitchen gadgetry I’ve purchased. Best thing about it is the way all the blades come out for ease of cleaning. A damn sight easier to clean that the cheap plastic gizmo I had previously. I have a food processor in a cupboard somewhere, but I always seem to use either the mandolin or the hand-cranked mincer for processing my food.

But I digress.

Into the oven for 45 minutes, until the spuds are brown and crispy.

Should have lasted me two meals, but I was a bit hungry after walking around London all day. Scoffed it in about five minutes. Gorgeous.