Well, another location to add to my list of “shops I must never visit again”. Lakeland. I visited the number 1 shop on the list (Foyle’s), where I bought Oliver Peyton’s book, and so had to visit Lakeland to get some additional cake tins. If only I’d left it at that, but no; add on a decent quality mandolin and some new knives. And other baking stuff I didn’t need.
Spending. Too. Much.
Must. Stay. Away.

So, I made Marmalade Cake on Sunday, and took it in to work on Monday. (B also made cupcakes which she brought in on Tuesday.) 2lb cake amongst five staff and by Tuesday morning it was obvious that neither cake nor cupcakes were going to last until the part-time staff came in on Thursday.

So, Tuesday evening I made the (also 2lb) Chocolate Marble Cake with White Chocolate Icing and took it in on Wednesday. It only just survived the day, and by 10am on Thursday morning both cakes and all the cupcakes were gone.

More baking this weekend then…