Shock! Horror! Thought for the Day presenter inadvertently tells the truth! And somewhat paradoxically he was talking about the truth. Though his definition of truth differs somewhat from the rest of reality. Some Theomancer – The Rev Dr Dr Prof David Wilkinson – says he would prefer to remain ignorant, that he doesn’t want to know if there’s horsemeat in his beefburger, or if an asteroid is going to make a close approach tonight. He’d rather stick with his unfounded and irrational belief system rather than understand the world around him.

That’s religion in a nutshell. It’s all about the ignorance, it’s about making up stuff and calling it “truth”, even though it’s just so much fictional bullshit. Religion relies on people remaining ignorant. Only through ignorance will people be willing to swallow the “GodDidIt” argument. Once people start to understand and study the universe in a scientific method then there is no longer any need for a “god of the gaps”. There will always be gaps in our knowledge, and priests and theologians will continue in their attempts to shoehorn their particular god into these gaps, but the gaps will eventually be filled in.

Sure we are currently ignorant about how life first arose, but a hundred years ago we were ignorant of Quantum Mechanics. A hundred and fifty years ago we were ignorant of Einsteinian Relativity. A hundred and seventy years ago, no laws of electro-magnetism. Two hundred years we knew nothing of Evolution.

Science proceeds gradually, building upon the work of earlier giants. It’s hard work. There’s no Invisible Magic Friend suddenly revealing all scientific knowledge to us. Only in theology is there sudden revelation. For the rest of us we can’t go around making up stuff, so there’s just hard work. Science gets there in the end, whilst religion goes on making up nonsense.

That apart, I’ve never heard such incomprehensible gobbledegook on Thought for the Day.