Out for a good long walk in the cold yesterday. Along to Little Missenden, following the Misbourne. Ground was rock hard, in stark contrast to Sunday when I was ankle-deep in mud.

On my way back I saw about a half-dozen Range Rovers and Land Rovers (the poser Disco rather than Defenders) making their way up onto the slopes to the west of Shardloes House.

There will be Blood.

Sure enough, as I rounded a small copse, the guns are strung across the slope.

Pretty soon the beaters were making their way through the woods to flush out the birds. Down here it’s pheasants that are the target fortunately. If this were a shoot back home, it’d be grouse that were the target, and being low fliers I’d have been in the firing line of the flank guns.

After only about five minutes of constant gunfire, there were birds scattered across ground. Dogs were out collecting in the kills as the guns were packed away.