Rather pleased to see the result of the court case in the European Court of Human Rights, brought by a gaggle of christians who were a tad miffed by what they saw as religious discrimination. Names of the various idiots are in the tags, but I’m not going to waste time trying to associate names with stories…

The first was a nurse who thought that her right to display the symbolic torture symbol that defines their death cult outweighed the rights of patients to avoid picking up infections carried on said symbol. It’s difficult enough to control infection in an environment when everyone is ill and many are carrying infection. We have rigorous Infection Control measures in place. Then some idiot christian comes along thinking that her superstition gives her the right to ignore these measures. Her claim was thrown out

Next two were a pair that thought that their beliefs gave them the right to not do the job they were being paid to do. One was a registrar who felt that he shouldn’t be made to carry out Civil Partnership Ceremonies, the other a marriage guidance counsellor who thought that he shouldn’t be required to provide relationship counselling to gays, both trying to avoid doing their jobs because they were nasty little bigots. If, because of their ridiculous superstition, they can’t do the job they’re paid to do then they should consider whether they’ve made the right career choice. If they consider that their nutty beliefs allow them to ignore the human rights of others then they are a poor excuse for human beings. Both claims were thrown out.

The fourth complaint related to an air stewardess who had complained that her employers were breaching her human rights by preventing her wearing a cross on her uniform. Now in contrast to the nurse in the infection control situation, I didn’t think that the employers were right in this case. They only wanted her to remove the torture symbol for reasons of corporate identity. There was no other reason for her to remove the symbol. She won her case, and I am rather pleased that she did. It’s good that some people do display these symbols, as we can immediately see who are the hypocrites amongst us. The silly christians own book of magic fairy tales tells them that this behaviour is wrong. They are told (by their mythical man-god) that they should save their piety for when they’re in the privacy of their own homes. When they’re out in public they are told to STFU and if they do make public displays of piety then they are a bunch of hypocrites. \cite{Matthew 6:5-6}

So thank you to all you cross-displaying christidiots, for making your hypocrisy so overt. It does make it so much easier to dismiss you as beneath contempt.

Edit: Link to Original BBC Story which I forgot to include