Good day out on the bike. A warm day, but not so bad as some recently. Didn’t go above 28 degrees, but still used almost the whole CamelBak.
Headed south towards Gerrard’s Cross then to Beaconsfield. Realised I haven’t done the southern loop this summer so went on to Taplow and Maidenhead before going back up to Wooburn and along to Wycombe. Still felt pretty good so headed up via Risborough to Stoke Mandeville.

Started back home but around 14h30 a wind got up and I was cycling – in a now tired state – into a headwind. Tired when I got back home, but seeing the trip meter was showing 96km I had to add in another small loop to take me to the (metric) century. Final distance was 104km in five hours and five minutes.

But I’ll be sore in work tomorrow…