Damn, I must make more of an effort to stay away from Foyle’s. Made the mistake of going in today, spent £200 and came away with only three books.

The book I went in for: \textbf{\LaTeX} and Friends by M R C van Dongen. I use \LaTeX all the time when I’m writing, and have been trying to get colleagues and students to use it too. This looks like a good book to teach them.

The book I have been waiting for for a while: Hearing Aids by Harvey Dillon. the 1st edition is one of the books I refer to most, but sadly technology has rendered it almost obsolete. At BAA conference last November Harvey mentioned that the second edition was in editing. Finally it is published so I had to get a copy.

The book I should have resisted: Auditory Electrophysiology by Atcherson and Stoody. But I bought it anyway. Damn.