New coffee shop – Harris and Hoole – opened this weekend in Top Amersham, so went in this morning for breakfast before going into London. All decked out to give a very rustic artisan appearance – though with some un-rustic high-tech gadgetry at the tills and service. So very showily artisan that you wonder what they’re hiding; all show and no substance?

Really wasn’t impressed at all. Ordered a double espresso. Well, if that was a double I dread to think what the single looks like. As to taste, I might as well have been drinking Americano. Weak and insipid is the best I could say about it. As to the food, not particularly good. Had a breakfast muffin which was barely warmed through. It consisted a slice of bacon with a few sun-dried tomatoes added seemingly as an afterthought. They hadn’t been reconstituted so were rather chewy. Overall, rather nasty breakfast.

I hate the idea of favouring a fake foreign food franchise, but for the time being I’ll be sticking with chain coffee. At least I’ll get my caffeine hit.