A glorious day, bright sunshine but with just a little bit of a breeze. Out on the bike for the first time since xmas day. Managed to get into my cycle shorts much more easily – 5kg lighter since the start of the year. Up over Hyde Heath and round the easy ascent on the back of the Wendover Hills, down to Star Top End.

Reservoirs are critically low. These reservoirs aren’t for human consumption – they are to top up the canal as water is lost downwards with each lock opening.

The canal too is very low, but I guess there’s not much traffic in the winter months so they won’t bother to top up too often. Keep what little reserve there is for the tourist season.

Back to Aylesbury. Someone pulled onto my wheel as we came to Aston Clinton, then drew along side and chatted on the way along. Wasn’t really fit enough to keep up with him, but did my best, though my legs were burning as I pulled off to cross to Stoke Mandeville. Did the climb up to Chequers (but had to stop half way up for a rest – burning legs), followed by the climb up to Prestwood. Think I might yet get my Grimpeur legs back, though still a bit more weight to lose before that.

And back home. 76.2km. 4 hours and two minnutes. Worn out, but happy.