Oh dear dog, what is wrong with me?

I agreed with Digby Jones on something…

‘Today’ on Radio4 this morning discussing the withdrawal of Fred Goodwin’s Knighthood, Digby Jones said that Honours shouldn’t be awarded to people just for doing their jobs.

Well said.

I have always thought that it was ridiculous that people got some sort of an honour for doing well in their chosen profession. You choose a profession, it is expected that you should do well. If you do anything less than your best in whatever you choose to do then you are a poor excuse for a citizen. Don’t expect some special recognition for doing it, other than the gratitude of your peers and customers. Especially if you’re getting a six-figure salary. Perhaps if you do something outside your profession that is deserving of recognition that’s fine, but not for doing well what you’re supposed to do well.

(And this goes for sportsmen too. If you choose sport as your profession, the same applies.)

Footnote: I think that the whole honours system is a ridiculous anachronism that should be scrapped