I won’t get a vote in the Scottish Independence referendum, but I still like to consider what I would do. Probably wouldn’t vote at all, having lost faith in all politicians after the last election. I can consider the arguments though.

I’m one of the London Scots, part of the diaspora that relocated to the south of England. Even served (though only for a very short time) in the London Scottish Regiment. There are many Scots living in the south, prinicipaly because the Tories, over the years, have destroyed the wealth and resources of Scotland. With the lack of jobs in engineering after the shipyards and the steel mills and the coal mines were shut down, there was no option but to get on our bikes and move south.

Would Independence change that? No of course not. Scotland has its high-tech industries now, and other light industry spread across the central belt. Other than that, Scotland is a great big Scottish-ness theme park and that’s where the remaining jobs lie. There are only so many jobs in tourism.

“Call me Dave” Cameron is a great fan of small countries becoming independent – as long as the country isn’t a part of the UK. It’s great for Bosnia or the Slovak Republic or Ukraine or the FYR Macedonia to become independent because they’re not British. The UK is different, independence for any part of the UK cannot be tolerated.

I would not, in the long run, be in favour of an independent Scotland. In the economic world of today I do not think that small nations are viable. The big economic players in the world today are the BRIC countries, especially China, and the USA. A Europe of lots of small independent nations, some not much more that city-states, cannot compete against the might of China. Rather than breaking the UK apart, the nations of Europe should be coming together into Federal, United Europe.