During the long months after the holidays, I really need t be saving money. The last thing I should be doing is to be visiting Borough Market. The smell as soon as you walk into the halls is fantastic, both the freshness of the raw ingedients and the cooked food the stallholders have going to show off their wares. The first stall I meet as I go in is a fish stall


They’ve got the burners running and the smell of fish curry is increadible. Someone’s working on a paella as well, but – sadly – it’s not going to be ready for ten minutes, so I move on.


A burst of summer in the middle of winter. I’ve no idea what varieties I bought – other than the obvious plum – I just raked them into my basket. I have already eaten a good bunch of them. If – if – there are any left at the end of the week I’ll make a tomato sauce.


I see a Mushroom Risotto for dinner every night this week.

Okay, what else did I get? Four different varieties of pepper, including Long Pepper, which I’ve been looking for for ages. Three different teas, including a gorgeous first flush Darjeeling. One each of salamis from venison, chamoix and wild boar. A wild boar pie. A big lump of Caerphilly, which is not like any Caerphilly I’ve tasted before. Usually it’s a salty, crumbly cheese; this one is a smooth, rich, creamy cheese, so soft you could almost spread it on toast. An unbelievably rich cheese.

Such a wonderful day. Got a good walk along the Thames too, from Southwark along to Vauxhall.