Been playing Skyrim for about a week and was all set to rave about it – until I hit a bug.

So now my opinion of Skyrim: shit game.

How can a company get away with releasing such crap onto the market?

Okay, my X-Box is an early arcade with a 256 drive. By the time it loads all the microsoft updates there’s only 15Mb left for game saves. Skyrim saves are 8Mb so I can only have a single save which I have to update as I go along. No fall-back saves.

So, I enter the dungeon of Folguthnur. I make it through. I kill Mikrul Gauldurson. I get the new Shout. I go to leave the dungeon. There’s a bug. There’s a gate that won’t open. (Detailed here). Repeated reboots doesn’t solve the problem. I’m stuffed. My only option now is to delete and start from scratch.

Screw that. I’m not wasting hours or days of game play to get back to where I was. Skyrim goes in the bin.

That’s the last time I ever buy a game from Bethesda. Lazy coders who don’t check properly for bugs. Can’t trust then to deliver a decent product.