Arrived Llandudno this afternoon and settled into the hotel (which does have free WiFi, Beardie take note. Had a wander round the town. Good god, but it’s cold here. Stiff wind blowing in off the Irish Sea. Had the compulsory walk along the pier and along the promenade. Took a few photos in the fading light and shall have to spend some time GIMPing them. Walked around to “The London” to get some food. Good beer (a very nice pint of Jennings), lousy food (some mass produced meat pie off the Brakes lorryWelsh Beef and Ale Pie”; crust too dry, gravy too salty, and soggy chips.

Back to my room and sat reading REAMDE for a while. Down to the bar for a pint of Weisbier, and noted the rather good selection of single malts.

Early night, want to get up early and try and get up on the Great Orme in the early light