Picked a crap time to travel. Freshers’ Week.

Trains were crowded both going and returning (though the return journey was real Cattle Truck status). I often travel out from the dismal King’s Cross Station, but this was the first time I had ever used St Pancras. What a wonderful concourse that is, especially in contrast to its neighbour.

Stayed in a cheap franchise hotel across the road from the Hospital, which was okay. Ate in the restaurant adjascent which was definitely not okay. Had planned to eat in the Indian Restaurant about a hundred metres from them hotel, but on arrival found it had been closed down. So, ended up eating in the Beefeater Restaurant attached to the hotel. Which I knew would be bad, but I really had no concept of just how bad. Cold with the over-riding flavour of salt, vast quantities of which had been added, I assume, in a futile attempt to bring out some sort of flavour in ingredients that lacked any flavour whatsoever.

Okay, I fully accept that I should never have set foot in there in the first place, and that the error is mine alone. It is not a mistake I will ever make again.