New software update for the Eclipse (which most people already have, but we’re not getting until end of October)

Looks good; I’m not sure about making the hardware filter settings accessible in the Temp Set Up box – be too tempting for some people to alter them, could end up with some tests not meeting Gold-Standard.

I do like the new method for monitoring ongoing EEG, also the way we can block early & late sections of the window, and that should help with some of the transducer interference we’ve been getting.

Better marking of traces too, and now able to mark CR, RA and Inc directly into the trace. Can also measure the amplitude of Wave V to SN10

They’ve also got an automatic measurement of the noise (whether it meets the 3:1 rule for NHSP) but it is measuring the noise between Rarefacting and Condensing stimuli, rather than between two complete sets of (Alternating) stimuli, so will need to check with NHSP as to whether that’s an acceptable measurement

Overall though it looks a good release.