Risotto for supper this evening. The best of all possible risottos, seafood.

Red Onion
6 Cloves of Garlic
1 (heaped) cup of your preferred Risotto Rice
Jar of Baby Squid
6 Scallops
Piece of salmon, about 200g
Pre-cooked seafood mix (prawns, mussels and squid), about 450g
Gran Padano, grated
knob of Butter, about 25g

Start off by chopping a red onion and softening in a good slug of olive oil. Add a good helping of garlic, finely chopped. Once all soft add the rice. I prefer Vialone Nano, but Tesco were all out so I had to settle for Carnaroli. Stir it around and let the rice start to cook in the oil.

Start adding the liquid, for this one I use a good glass off white wine, juice of a lemon and fish stock. Waitrose do a good fish stock, so I use that rather than making my own. Usual risotto rules: add the liquid a bit at a time. Add half a jar of baby squid now so they can cook to a very soft consistency

Whilst the rice is cooking, prepare the uncooked fish. Fry the scallops and the salmon, and cut into pieces. De-glaze the frying pan and add liquid to the rice. Once the rice is about done, add the butter and cheese, stir in and allow to melt. Add all the seafood, and pray your pan is big enough to hold it all.

Serve, and this time try not to scoff the lot in a single session