Another weather forecast the Met Office got wrong. Today was supposed to be light showers throughout the day.
Decided to go for distance today rather than climbs. Went over to Aylesbury and then out onto the Vale. Hundreds of cyclists around – today was the Tour de Vale charity ride and it was well attended. Very warm and sunshine all the way.
Got seriously pissed off by a group from the Grigorios Cycle Club, out from London for a ride in the country. How often do cyclists complain about cars passing them on the right then and immediately swinging left across their path into a side road. Yet this is what this bunch of tossers did as they swept past me then cut across to climb up to Prestwood. I had to jam on the brakes otherwise I would have plowed though the last third of the chain-gang.
Could have done with some showers to cool me down by the end. Instead into the Old Sweet Shop in the village when I got home and had a double cone, a scoop each of Chocolate and Stem Ginger ice cream in a chocolate waffle cone.