Tomorrow we vote.

I started working a long time ago; a fortnight later the bitch thatcher won her first election victory and set about dismantling the Scots nation. Still 17 I didn’t have the vote at that time and had to wait until the local election of the following year before I had my first chance to cast a vote. Still, I have never forgiven the tories for inflicting her upon us – a mistake on their part after they miscalculated during their attempt to oust Heath – and I’ll never vote for them, ever.

In the course of the election I’ve seen not a single election candidate or representative, and have had just one single leaflet – from the fascist lite of the UKIP mob, for whom I would likewise never vote – so I can’t take seriously the news reports of how frantic this campaign has been. When I left home in search of work I ended up living in the tory heartland and our local tory MP is arrogantly confident enough to be able to avoid anything as plebeian as campaigning where she might have the misfortune to happen across any proles. The other parties realise that they have little hope of winning this seat and so concentrate their fire-power elsewhere.

So I will probably go to the polls tomorrow and will put my vote in the Lib-Dem box, though it is effectively a wasted vote – any vote not for the tories around here is a wasted vote.

There is, I know, no such thing as a mathematically fair voting system, but there must be something better than this first-past-the-post system.

Give us Proportional Representation or a Single Transferable Vote, and I might once again get enthusiastic about voting again, and give us a Republic to replace this corrupt Parliamentary Monarchy