Well, the problems with the computer systems proved to be the highpoint of the month. From there everything went downhill. Various people off on leave for the easter holiday meant I’ve been trying to do just about everything for most of the month. Boss has been stuck in foreign climes in the aftermath of the Blue Skies period. Of which, I must get my pics up on Flikr sometime soon. Glorious blue skies with not a contrail in sight.

Still, hoping that over the next week everything should start to get back to normal again

Some Wonderful cycling over the last weekend, and the promise of wonderful weather for the coming weekend so hopefully I’ll get a lot more miles under the wheels. Have now done 2000km on the Brooks and just the faintest sign of it beginning to break in. Up to three hours and my backside is okay, but over three and a half hours and it starts to get a little uncomfortable