The new Head-Honcho at the English Branch of the Romano-Christian Cult has himself a petty little rant in the Observer on Sunday. Pathetic.

At the time he was giving his little chat-to-the-faithful, he was engaged in a supernatural rite in which he was anointing cultists with magically-prepared oils and saying magic incantations over them in the hope that they might get better. At the same time he was preying on the vulnerabilities of a fearful populace, a few miles away dedicated employees in the under-staffed NHS were making a real difference, by applying medical science to help patients overcome illness and injury.

As Nichols was berating the NHS for “Lacking Humanity”, his boss Papa Benni the Rat was having a conference with the leaders of the Irish Church, planning new ways to cover up Child Abuse by the Irish Catholic Priesthood, and finding new groups to blame for leading the poor delicate priests astray

Potions and Prayers vs Medical Science.

I know which one I’d pick