I’ve been stuck on the top pay point of my salary band for the last five years, ever since the new pay and career structures came in. I’ve got the possibility of jumping two bands higher. Ordinarily I’d have my application form on the manager’s desk already. Trouble is, it’s not a full time post. It’s a 0.8wte, so although the salary band is higher than the one I’m on, the pro rata salary would mean a cut of 10% in my take home pay. It would take three years to get back up to the salary I’m on now. However, it’s then open, and I can continue to increase my salary for a further six years before I hit the top of the new pay band. There’s also the possibility of increasing the hours at some point, should more money be found in the budget. Also possible if one of the others on the higher grade decide to cut back on their hours.

So on the downside I take a pay cut, but with the possibility of more pay in three years, plus two further years to make up the salary I’ve lost when at the lower grade. But then, I don’t see myself going anywhere esle in the next five years. On the plus side there’s a long weekend every weekend. More cycling, but less money to spend on bike stuff.

Have to cut back on all the books though.

Might have to move too. I work between two sites, living about five minutes walk from one site and a usually short trip from the other – normally half an hour on the works transport, but up to two hours if we have gridlock. If I take the new post then I’ll be working at the other site all the time. I can’t see the works transport lasing too much longer – the van is on its last legs, and again there’s no budget to replace it.

On balance I’ve pretty much made up my mind to apply for the post and then just keep nagging the managers to increase my hours. Have to do a report to the suits as to how much the department is suffering through my reduced hours.