Another ride out onto the Vale of Aylesbury, total of 75km in about three and a half hours. Bloody cold again. Skies were if not clear blue, then there were at least large blue patches amongst the clouds. Within about fifteen minutes of leaving I was cycling through a blizzard. Nearly turned back, but pressed on and within half an hour the sun was out and I wondered if I had too many layers on. Once out on the Vale, out of cover from the lee of the hills, the wind really got up and I was bitterly cold again. Out past Chequers and then onto the Vale. Did a loop around Owlswick, Kimblewick, Ford, Stone and Bishopstone, before returning to Aylesbury and the final run back home. Couldn’t feel my feet by the time I got home.

Found quite a few good roads and routes, looking forward to the spring and summer now, to get out on them in the sunshine.