Another excellent ride today, of around 65km. Touch chilly with around 5°C for most of the route.

Down towards the Chalfonts on what were today extremely busy roads. Across to Beaconsfield and Holtspur, mainly on the quieter back-roads, then down to Wooburn Green.

Through High Wycombe was difficult as usual. Roads were horrendously busy at that time of day; the alternative routes meant a climb up the side of the valley and I didn’t fancy that, knowing that there was another climb to come shortly afterwards. Short halt at West Wycombe to watch (and unsuccessfully attempt to photograph) a gathering of around ten Red Kites that obviously had their eyes on some large piece of carrion in a field.Climbed up through the Bradenham Woods to Naphill and then along the ridge (into the face of a nasty north wind that I hadn’t noticed in the valleys) to Loosley Row and round to Great Hampden. Down onto the Chequers Road and the usual return through Great Missenden and back home.