Another day of continuous rain so no prospect of getting out on the bike. Went into London and had a wander round the British Museum in the morning, having a look at some of the History of the World in One Hundred Objects, particularly the stone axes and hand chipping tools.

In the Afternoon I went over to the NHM to have a look at the new Darwin Centre – not knowing that you have to book tickets. From the outside the building, the cocoon especially, is stunning. I look forward to the next time I have some time off and I’ll remember to book before going.

Between the two I popped in to Foyles. Big mistake, as they had the -hot off the presses- Oxford Handbook of the Auditory Sciences. I was seriously tempted by this, but in the end I resisted temptation and restricted myself to just Volume Two, The Auditory Brain. Volumes One and Three will have to wait until next month.