The only thing that I don’t like about the fixie  is the current tyres. Despite numerous punctures I still haven’t got around to replacing the stock Kenda Kwickrollers with something decent. These tyres are decent enough in most respects, they just don’t have any resistance to puncturing and I’m fixing flats on perhaps 25% of rides.

Got a pair of Conti UltraGatorskins yesterday and fitted them this morning. I really hope that they work as it busted three tubes just getting them fitted, and I don’t want to be struggling like that again, especially out at the roadside. They are really tight to the rims and it was a big effort to fit them. Out on the road they feel fine. A quick 40km spin just to try them out. Good traction, no punctures, and for the time being, that’s enough for me.

I did notice whilst I was out, that the temperature today is a good 10°C warmer than it was last Sunday. Last weekend was around -3 to -4°, and today it was a balmy +6 to +7°C