Saw the doc today for my annual review. He remarked straight away that I must have started taking my statins again (I stopped taking Atorvastatin two years ago because I was getting a bit of tinnitus and vertigo as a side effect) as my cholesterol was back in the target zone. Afraid not. Still eating a diet high in butter, cream, cheese and bacon. Still not taking statins. I’m just – for the time being – lucky. In a year or two it’ll probably catch up with me and the cholesterol will shoot up again.

The rest of the review was not so good. Hb1AC has gone up from 6.6 to 8.8. Heart rate was okay at 64, but blood pressure too high at 133/91. Weight is too high, but I don’t need the doc to tell me that. Butter, cheese, cream, bacon. I know. Also I now have a possible problems with kidney function. Next review will be in six months instead of twelve. If the kidney function tests are still off then I have to go on meds for the kidneys as  well as all  the rest.