Weather forecast is for more heavy snow this afternoon and this evening, accompanied by high winds. It has already arrived, according to the lunchtime news, in East Anglia and it’s on its way here. So this morning I popped out for a quick spin before the worst of the weather arrived.

Roads are a mess. They have been – more or less – been cleared of snow, although some of the back roads are still bad. Surface tarmac has been shredded. Big holes in the road where freezing water has cracked and split the tarmac. Even roads that have been re-surfaced within the last two years have suffered damage.

Took a trip out to Chequers and back. Just around 35km in total, but enough to keep the legs warmed up. Out as far as Missenden the roads were clear of snow, but from there to Chequers it was a matter of keeping to the tracks cleared by cars tyres. Even so, there were stretches of road where I was cycling on a layer of snow. Gordon Brown obviously stayed in London this weekend as the roads around Chequers are completely untreated.

Short break about halfway out to watch a Red Kite hunting. There was something in a field that held its interest, and whatever it was it caught it after a few swoops and disappeared into a tree to consume lunch

Generally a quiet ride with very little traffic on the roads. No other cyclists and only a few pedestrian.