Over the last week the entire country turned white. As is traditional at these times, the national transport network ground to a halt. The Works Brake stopped running between sites (because the driver crashed it into a wall) and the buses across the region stopped. Problems then in getting to work. I haven’t cycled the commute for over a year as I have to carry a computer and tool-kit between sites. More important for me to get to work than to carry my kit, so time to cycle.

There’s only one bike made for the snow, and that’s a fixie. The directness of the drive lets you feel and adjust your effort as the surface changes. Thin tyres cut through the snow and get a decent grip. I’ve had three days cycling on the snow, eight miles each way, and I’ve only slid out once and that was on a sharp downhill bend. Snow cycling is wonderful, especially when cars are kept off the roads. Total silence other that the tyres crunching through the snow. The trees of Penn Woods heavy with snow, occasionally wind blows snow across my path. Clear blue skies, crystal clear air. Occasional 4×4 struggles past me, even Land-Rovers were having problems keeping on the roads.

I love this weather