By way of an intro

Haven’t made any New Year Resolutions for many years (because I never keep to them). This year I was asked if I had any resolutions, and after a bit of thought I came up with one: Less Learning. Okay, that’s one I can never really keep; whatever I do, I’m learning from it.

Last year flew past and almost all my time was taken up with students. I get a couple of students from the ISVR on placement each year. I didn’t get much free time to myself, as I spent too much time on preparing work and tutorials for the students.

This year I have to make time for two things: Firstly, Cycling. Lack of bike time has led to an expanding waistline. I need to get back down to a better weight. Plus stress levels are soaring and I need to get out for long rides to unwind. Second, Reading. Lots of interesting books out over the last year, and I now have a significant pile of unread books in the corner of the room. I need to sit and read more instead of just buying books.

This year, tutorial and other student preparation work has to be done during work time; free time is bike and book time